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About Me

Dr. Waschak was born in Southern California, and pursued a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Westmont College, in Santa Barbara, CA. There he studied Organic Chemistry and helped establish research protocols for natural product extractions. His ambition was to pursue a career in healthcare, and Chiropractic was an excellent way to help people achieve their goals in a meaningful and interpersonal way.

Dr. Waschak also has many interests out of the office as well. In 2013 he obtained his pilots license and used that as a portal to explore the western United States.He also enjoys snowboarding, hiking, camping, SCUBA and freediving, as well as other outdoor activities. 

Education and Certifications

Doctor of Chiropractic, Logan University 

Dr. Waschak graduated in 2021 with high honors, was on the deans list during his time at Logan. He also studied in the Logan Gonstead Intern Program, spent additional time with Logan Basic Technique, and took the full elective offerings for Sacral Occipital Technic   (SOT) and Viscerosomatic coursework. He also completed his clinical rotations under Dr. Joseph Unger, Jr. DC FICS, who is a world leader in SOT  methodology and craniopathic adjusting. 



Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Westmont College 

During his time at Westmont college, Dr. Waschak focused his study on natural product extraction and organic synthesis. He was awarded a summer research scholarship, where he worked to developed and optimized extraction protocols later used in publication. 

Green tea

My Philosophy

Chiropractic practice is founded upon three main pillars: Philosophy, Science and Art. The philosophy of chiropractic can be boiled down into this: the power that made the body, heals the body. This is best manifest when the nervous system can adequately coordinate and communicate with the body. By adjusting the segments of the spine, the sutures of the skull and other joints, we allow for the ideal communication within the body, because a healthy moving body can best support the nervous system. 

The Science is the anatomy, physiology, nutrition and clinical reasoning that goes into diagnosis and triangulation of the problem at hand. Our focus, once again, is to ensure proper coordination of healing in the body. As a physician we need to quickly diagnose the problem, and then work with the patient, or coordinate the best care for the patient. Due to the physical nature of our input to the body, sometimes matter has limitations, and coordinating with other practitioners is essential.  

Finally, there is the Art of Chiropractic. This is the implementation of the adjustments, reading the responses of the body, and the administration of care that we do in the office every day. This is screening for abnormal reflexes, addressing neural irritation, and screening for nutritional support. This is our time together addressing and working though what ails you, so you can continue to meet your goals. 

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