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What is Chiropractic?

Our Focus:

The main focus of a Chiropractic Adjustment is to correct subluxation. The Chiropractic definition of Subluxation is: a misalignment of a joint, usually between two vertebra, that results in irritation of the nervous system. When there is irritation to the nervous system, it can cause improper communication between the brain and the postural muscles, as well as interfere with the coordination between the brain and internal organs. This lack of coordination results in painful postures, digestive issues, lack energy, and lack of mental clarity. 

Adjusting  addresses the stressors to the nervous system, and helps the body adapt to the irritants that cause problems to arise. The three main forms of stressors are the Three T's: Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins. Thoughts are the emotional factors that can stress the body: anxiety, grief, and other emotional stresses. Traumas refer to a more of a physical stress: falls, sports injuries, and repetitive motion irritants. And finally Toxins are the chemical stressors that we interact with: pesticides, pollution, and nutrient deficiencies. By working with muscle tone and neurologic reflexes, along with using gentile forces to restore proper motion, these corrections help restore neural communication within the body. 

How we practice:

Some of the ways we approach correcting subluxation are different than what you might experience at another chiropractic office. We use low-force adjusting, Sacral Occipital Technic  and Logan Basic technique, to identify and address the subluxations and irritations we find. One of the things that make us unique is the use of craniopathic adjusting. This works by using forces on the bones of the skull to help relieve tension on the sutures, where the bones meet, and this corrects the tensions in the dura. The dura is the connective tissue that protects and surrounds the brain and spinal cord. When there is tension between the bones of the skull, it strains the dura and does not allow for proper movement of cerebrospinal fluid, causing slight pressure differences on the nerves of the brain. This causes them to signal in a non-synchronous way. By alleviating these tensions, we can have better communication between the nerve cells in the brain and reduces their sensitivity. 

The name of the practice, Honua Chiropractic, is a reference to the plains and flat lands which make good foundations for structures. As the techniques I use help stabilize the sacrum, or tailbone, which provides a proper foundation for the spine, the structures above can be corrected more easily. When the tower fo the spine is structurally sound, it allows for proper movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, as the sacrum and skull structures help pump this nourishing fluid around the nervous system. A healthy and nourished nervous system allows for best adaptation to stressors. Sometimes the system gets overwhelmed, leading to postural compensations which progress to bad biomechanical habits. It is my job to correct those painful postures and allow the system to function normally after the office visit. Together we can work together to make a habit of health, and come together with a plan so you can accomplish your goals. 


Nutritional Counseling:

Nutritional Counseling can be essential for providing the building blocks for your body to heal and recover from injury. At Honua Chiropractic we have selected to use Standard Process as our source of supplements. All supplements are processed as whole foods and at body temperature to ensure there is not degrade in processing. This maintains the chemical integrity of the desired vitamins and supporting compounds that help your body utilize the resources more effectively. 


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